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Fine Art Prints

€160.00 EUR

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Prints are available for all of my images and are handled on an individual basis. Simply contact me via the contact-page on this site and specify what size and image you are interested in. That's all you have to do. You don't have to worry about paper, lamination, lining, gloss, ICC-profiles or anything. I strongly believe that these kind of decisions are all an integral part of the art-creation process and thus have to be made by the artist. I have been to many photo trade fairs, talked with many printing experts and tested many different prints to come up with the following decision: Your prints will be made on top-grade photographic paper, foil-clad onto an aluminum Dibond® board and then sealed with acrylic glass. They have a very 3-dimensional look, and really jump off the surface. They are durable and scratch resistant and can be cleaned with window cleaner or just water. Due to the aluminum Dibond® board being stiff, the prints are ready to hang to a wall, no additional framing required. I work together with only a few hand-selected printing companies to ensure that your prints will be of the highest gallery quality available in the market. The prints are made in Germany and can be delivered worldwide. 

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